More Javan rhino calves

Javan rhino in a river.

Hot off the press! Two new Javan rhino calves have been seen on camera traps in the forest of Ujung Kulon National Park (UKNP).

This exciting news brings the total Javan rhino population up to 75. Yes, just 75. But, while this number is extraordinarily low, just 10 years ago it was below 50, so there is certainly cause for celebration.

Thankfully, no Javan rhinos have been poached for 20 years, due to the incredible efforts of Rhino Protection Units that patrol the UKNP every day looking out for illegal activity. Of course, Javan rhinos are still under huge threat, but this latest news does bring us more hope that if we continue to protect the rhinos and their habitat, we can ensure the population keeps rising.

One of the new Javan rhino calves is male, estimated to be around 3-4 months, born to a rhino named Rimbani (this is her first calf). The other calf is female, estimated to be one year old, born to a rhino named Kasih (this is her third calf). 

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