three rhinos standing with birds on their backs. Credit: Matt Brooke three rhinos standing with birds on their backs. Credit: Matt Brooke

Leading the charge

We believe rhinos are magnificent. And they are endangered. To survive, they need a safe and diverse world. Every day, we work with incredible people across the globe to ensure that all five species of rhino thrive in the wild.

Our vision

All five rhino species thriving in the wild.

Our mission

Collaborating with partners to support endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia.

Our strategies

We conserve viable populations of rhinos in the wild through our key strategies:
  • To protect rhinos through law-enforcement activities at site level, and support intelligence gathering and analysis to pre-empt and prosecute poaching and trafficking of rhino product
  • To implement effective biological and ecological management and monitoring of rhino populations and their habitats to achieve optimum population growth rates
  • To reduce trade in illegal rhino products via better law enforcement in consumer countries and promoting behaviour change by consumers and the closure of markets encouraging poaching
  • To ensure that rhino conservation professionals are appropriately skilled and trained
  • To improve coordination within and between rhino range state conservation agencies and professionals
  • To engage with multiple stakeholders in rhino range states in accordance with the equity triangle of recognition, procedure and distribution
  • To explore and develop sustainable financing mechanisms and structures to fund priority rhino conservation efforts
And to do all of this, we’re committed to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of our work – and sharing our progress with you, the supporters who make it all happen!