Happy World Rhino Day 2019!

Rhinos need your help to grow their numbers. Donate now.

Rhino Real Talk -Pink

Today is World Rhino Day, a chance to celebrate your favourite species and support their future!

A future with rhinos means successful breeding. If we’re being honest, rhinos are pretty good at that, but they need us to keep them safe and give them enough space!

Donate to our cheeky #RhinoRealTalk campaign today.


Sometimes rhinos are misunderstood. We're here to put the facts straight:

Rhino horn is not an aphrodisiac

Credit: Steve and Ann Toon

Rhino horn is not an aphrodisiac.

White rhinos are not extinct.

Credit: Renaud Fulconis

White rhinos are not extinct.

Rhinos are loving.

Credit: International Rhino Foundation

Rhinos are very loving.

Rhino horn is not ivory.

Credit: Phil Perry

Rhino horn is not the same as ivory.