Rangers are the experts at the front line of rhino conservation. In any patrol, they will identify individual rhinos, differentiating each one through their unique characteristics, while remaining on guard and ready to respond if poachers attack.

As you might imagine, such poaching incidents are extremely traumatic; not only are rangers faced with the deaths of animals they care for, but also the very real danger of confronting armed gangs whose only aim is to kill a rhino, no matter what.

With your donations, we can support rangers. Your donations help us to provide extra kit and equipment so that rangers can work effectively, improve living areas to ensure facilities are safe, clean and comfortable, and boost the morale of teams so that they can continue to love what they do, despite how tough it is.

Thank you for supporting rangers on World Ranger Day.

Three members of the Rhino Protection Unit
Black rhino Alfie and ranger

"Rangers are the most important aspect of protecting wildlife - trusted boots on the ground – men who are prepared and trained to work long hours monitoring and protecting our wildlife."

Sam Taylor, Co-founder, ForRangers