As you might imagine, coming up against armed criminals and responding to a poaching attack is extremely traumatic; not only are rangers faced with the deaths of animals they care for, but also the very real danger of confronting individuals aiming to kill a rhino, no matter what.

Beyond dealing with traumatic and dangerous poaching attacks, rangers are spending their time in the bush with wild animals. Whilst rangers are experts, accidents can easily happen, from a herd of elephants being nearby, or catching a deadly snake off-guard.

Often, rangers need urgent medical help, yet many have no access to insurance to cover the costs of treatment.

It costs just £35 to insure a ranger for one year, and it could save their life.

This World Ranger Day, help us support and protect the rangers that save rhinos.

Man in uniform standing outside.
Ranger looking out over landscape

“[Insurance] was a massive help. There is no way we would have been able to come up with $2,000 just like that for unbudgeted medical expenses. Being on the Programme is a massive help with rangers who have been injured [and need to be] flown out of here at times. We are extremely grateful."