Image of a desert adapted black rhino in Namibia. Image of a desert adapted black rhino in Namibia.

Your donations make saving rhinos possible

The generous support of our donors allows our vital work to protect rhinos. Every donation we receive, regardless of size, is valuable. Thank you!

We recognise that it is important to be transparent with our supporters about how your donations are spent. In fact, we enjoy sharing this information as we are proud of how efficient and effective we are.


Each year, we fully account for how we spend the money we receive (through generous donations, grants and partnerships) to share with you the places and species that we supported. Our Impact Reports (links below) share how these funds really made a difference and are bringing us closer to see all five rhino species thriving in the wild. You can also find out more about our impact in the last financial year here.

Our full financial accounts are independently audited by Accountancy Management Services Limited and can be downloaded from our entry on the Charity Commission for England and Wales’ website.

Cathy Dean, CEO of Save the Rhino International

"The vision of our founder, Dave Stirling, still lies at the very heart of Save the Rhino today. More than 20 years later, we still concentrate on making sure the money we raise “will be most effectively spent”. We work with expert partners and use tested technologies and relevant scientific research to ensure our investments into rhino conservation have the greatest impact".

Cathy Dean, CEO, Save the Rhino International

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