A white rhino looks head on in South Africa's Hluhluwe iMfolozie Park. A white rhino looks head on in South Africa's Hluhluwe iMfolozie Park.

Leave a legacy

You will help to ensure that your children, grandchildren and generations to come are able to see rhinos in the wild.

We are incredibly grateful to all supporters who choose to remember Save the Rhino in their will.

There are a number of different options for remembering Save the Rhino, including:

  • residual bequests; when then the remainder of your estate is gifted to Save the Rhino after provisions have been made for your loved ones
  • a percentage of your estate; when a specified proportion of your estate is gifted to Save the Rhino
  • a pecuniary gift; when you specify a certain amount of money to be donated to Save the Rhino
  • a life income plan; involving the establishment of a trust for dependents in which the original investment (the “principal” of the trust) is donated to Save the Rhino, after a specific amount of time

All of these options can be incorporated into your will.

Once you have decided to leave a legacy to Save the Rhino, there are two different options:

  • One option is to simply compile a new will. It is best to do this together with an advisor or solicitor. Further information on professional advisors can be found on the Remember a Charity website. You will then be able to discuss the nature and amount of your donation with your advisor and have this written into your will.
  • Alternatively, you can amend an existing will via a process known as a Codicil. A Codicil is not necessarily cancelled if the will to which it applies is cancelled. You can read more about codicils and decide the best option for you here.

If you choose to include Save the Rhino in your will, you will need to make a note of our address and registered charity number:

Save the Rhino International
Unit 3, Coach House Mews
217 Long Lane
United Kingdom

UK registered charity number: 1035072

Should you wish to discuss anything further or let us know about a legacy that you would like to leave, please get in touch with us.

Thank you for thinking of Save the Rhino.