Graphic for the Great African Rhino Adventure with footprints. Text: The Great African Rhino Adventure. Run, walk, cycle, wheel or swim all the way to South Africa and back to raise vital funds for rhinos Graphic for the Great African Rhino Adventure with footprints. Text: The Great African Rhino Adventure. Run, walk, cycle, wheel or swim all the way to South Africa and back to raise vital funds for rhinos
Image of African landscape. Text: The Great African Rhino Adventure

Looking for an adventure this summer?

Join us for a Great African Adventure and raise vital funds to save all five rhino species 👣 

Starting 1 August and ending on World Rhino Day 22 September 2024 

Take on a challenge for rhinos


30,000 km

from London to South Africa (and back!)  



for rhinos in our 30th year 



rangers, and some of our partners along the way! 

Join us as we travel 30,000 km virtually to South Africa and back for rhinos


You can help save rhinos by joining ‘The Great African Rhino Adventure’, our summer-long virtual challenge where we’ll travel from London to South Africa and back, visiting global partners, rangers and incredible rhino habitats along the way. 

Take on the 30,000 km adventure with us across the next six weeks at your own pace. Choose your own targets and walk, run, skip, hop, swim or wheel to the finish line.  

Join our virtual team, log your activity on our team page and fundraise to raise vital funds for rhinos! While our shared goal is to cover the distance from the Save the Rhino International HQ in London to our field partners across Africa, and then back again, how you decide to reach your goal distance is entirely up to you. You can choose to cover 1 km or 10,000 km, do it all in one day or log your activities across the weeks. The Great African Rhino Adventure is a challenge for everyone! 

So, grab your trainers, bicycle, or swimming cap – we’re going to South Africa! 

Pledge £50 to rhinos and receive your Great African Rhino Adventure t-shirt

Everyone who takes part in ‘The Great African Rhino Adventure’ and raises more than £50 for Save the Rhino can get a free campaign t-shirt as a thank you for taking part! Got too many t-shirts? Don’t worry, you can opt out if you’d prefer not to receive anything in the post.   

But that’s not all, as you contribute to our team effort and we all reach milestones along the route, you’ll unlock special behind-the-scenes rhino content and exclusive discounts and prizes from our partners. 

Resources to help you with the Great African Rhino Adventure

We've created lots of resources to support you through your challenge, from templates to show your support on social media, to fundraising tips to raise maximum funds for rhinos.

Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of ‘The Great African Rhino Adventure’ FAQs. You should find the answer you’re looking for here, but if not, please drop us an email at

The Great African Rhino Adventure is a virtual fundraising challenge that aims to raise vital funds for rhino conservation.   

Participants will join us on a virtual adventure from London to South Africa and back. We aim to virtually walk, run, swim or wheel 30,000 km. 

When participants register, their fundraising page will be created where they can share their personal challenge: walking, swimming, running or wheeling a specific distance every day, or over the six-week period. Everybody’s distance will be added to help us cover the collective distance of 30,000 km. 

During the virtual challenge, you will meet some of our incredible partners in Europe and Africa, visit rhinos in their natural habitat and meet the women and men who are protecting these majestic animals. 

The challenge will take place over six weeks, starting on 1 August 2024 and finishing on World Rhino Day on 22 September 2024. 

You can join the challenge by signing up on Enthuse (sign up here), our online fundraising partner for the Great African Rhino Adventure. When you sign up, a fundraising page will be created for you, where you’ll be able to set your targets for both your distance and fundraising. 

Yes, it is free to participate in the Great African Rhino Adventure. We ask that participants try and raise at least £50 to support rhino conservation efforts. We have special content and prizes that will be unlocked at £50, £150, £350 and £500. 

Participants are encouraged to set their own personal challenge, whether it’s a daily distance or a total distance over the six-week period. Every contribution counts towards our 30,000 km goal.  

Yes, you can mix and match activities such as walking, running swimming and wheeling. All distances will be combined to contribute to the overall team goal of 30,000 km. 

You can complete your activities at any time during the six-week challenge period. 

Our aim is to reach 30,000 km, but our main goal is to raise awareness and funds for rhino conservation. Every kilometre and donation makes a difference, regardless of the final collective distance. 

Yes, this is a virtual challenge so you can participate from anywhere in the world. While Enthuse does support various currencies, you can only fundraise in GBP. 

There is no age limit for taking part in the challenge. However, please set a realistic target for you and stop at any time if you need to. You can read our full terms and conditions for taking part here 

Yes, when you register here you will be given the option to create or join a team. If you are the person creating the team, then click create and you will be asked to give your team a name. Share this with the people you want to invite to join your team. When they register, they will also be asked if they want to join or create a team. They should select ‘Join a team’ and fill in the name of the team and select it. 

You can connect your Strava account to your personal Enthuse fundraising page. This way, your activity distances will automatically be uploaded onto your fundraising page. Alternatively, you can manually upload your distances on your Enthuse page.  

Strava is a free fitness tracking platform that allows you to track and share your workouts. It uses GPS data to record activities like running, cycling, swimming, and more.  

You can set up a Strava account here. Please note that Save the Rhino is not responsible for the data on your Strava account. Please read Strava’s full terms and conditions for further information.  

Once you have logged into your Enthuse fundraising page, click the that says ‘Connect to Strava’. You’ll be taken to Strava’s site, where you can log in and confirm the connection. When you’ve done this, select ‘Finish’, which will take you back to your fundraising page.

For more information on connecting your Strava account to your fundraising visit, click here.

Strava is the only app that you can link directly to your fundraising page. If you choose to use a different app then you will need to manually add your distances to your Enthuse page in order to reach your goal. 

Login to your fundraising page. On your page, you’ll see an ‘Add an activity’ option. This will allow you to enter the details for your activity. When you’ve finished, select Save activity. You can find more information here.

While there is no mandatory fundraising, we encourage all participants to raise as much as possible to support rhino conservation efforts. Every donation makes a difference. 

 All funds raised during the Great African Rhino Adventure will be used to support endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia. You can find out more about the impact of your donations and fundraising here

When you register here, your fundraising page will automatically be set up and you will be sent a link where you can set your distance and fundraising targets. You can then share your page via social media and email with friends, family and colleagues. 

Here are our top tips to make your fundraising a success: 

  • Tell your story: Share why you are raising money for Save the Rhino with your supporters. Let your story motivate them to give. By doing this you can raise almost 65% more. If you need inspiration, read how we are making a difference here
  • Add visuals to your page: Upload photographs and videos to your fundraising page. By adding photographs to your page, you can raise up to 13% more donations per photo!  
  • Make the first donation: Would you believe that people who make the first donation can raise up to 84% more? Donate an amount that will inspire your donors (too little will set the bar for future donations)  
  • Set your fundraising target: Pages with a target are known to raise 17% more than those without. Give yourself a goal – the sky is the limit! 
  • Share, share and then share again: Share your page on all your social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X and WhatsApp, to name a few. Don’t forget you can also email your friends, colleagues, family and neighbours who are not on social media 
  • Update your page regularly: Keep you page up to date by adding pictures, videos and written updates. Share these with everybody you know, encouraging and motivating anyone that hasn’t yet donated towards your efforts
  • Be proud of what you have achieved: Once you have completed your challenge, tell everybody that you’ve achieved something incredible. 20% of donations are made after your challenge has ended! 
  • Say thank you: Don’t forget to thank everybody who has supported you. Remind them of the impact their donation has made (you could send them a link to our impact page) 

Yes, participants who reach certain fundraising milestones will unlock special rewards

  • Raise £50 and receive your exclusive Great African Rhino Adventure t-shirt 
  • Raise £150 and unlock discount codes to a selection of stores. Please note that some of these vouchers will only be for use in the United Kingdom 
  • Raise £350 and earn a limited-edition one-year membership to Save the Rhino, giving you insider access to rhino conservations efforts 
  • Raise £500 and you will be entered into a draw to win some amazing rhino-themed prizes