Fundraising resources

Get all the materials and resources you need for your fundraiser. Download our fundraising resources such as a fundraising pack, event poster templates, and sponsorship forms, or request fundraising materials, such as leaflets, collection boxes, stickers, and balloons.

Fundraising pack

Download our free fundraising pack. Inside you’ll find ideas and inspiration, as well as guidance on planning your activity, promoting it and how your support makes an impact!

Rhino information

Show your sponsors why their donations are so important. By sharing your reasons for fundraising, the more chance you have of inspiring their empathy – and their generosity! You can find in-depth information on rhinos, what we do and the difference their donations make on this website.

Online fundraising page

Setting up an online fundraising page is the quickest and easiest way to raise money. We recommend setting up your page as soon as possible. Our preferred platform is JustGiving. You can easily share it with your friends, family and colleagues on social media and email.


Download our posters to help promote your event, thank sponsors, and raise awareness in the workplace, local pub, shop, school or university. Make sure to ask permission before you put it up in a public space.

Sponsorship forms

Please download this form if you are asking people to sponsor you with cash donations. If any of your donors pay UK tax, please ensure that they tick the Gift Aid column and fill in their details. The UK government gives 25p for every £1 they donate – making your fundraising go further!

Our logo

Unfortunately, our supporters cannot use the Save the Rhino logo on any publicity materials. However, as a fundraiser, you can use one of our ‘supporter logos’ to help promote your event or challenge. To receive a copy, please email us at

Request fundraising materials

To request additional fundraising materials, depending on your event, like as leaflets, collection boxes, stickers and balloons, please email:

Need help? Please email us at