Good luck 2024 London Marathon team

Our crash is returning to the streets of London for their 32nd year of the London Marathon to raise funds for rhinos! Our incredible ream will charge 26.2 miles past iconic landmarks of London to raise funds and awareness for all five beautiful species of rhinos.

Through rain and shine the herd have been adding miles into their training for the big day, with two attempting to beat world records:

  • Kim Siano is attempting to be the fastest marathon dressed in a safari suit (female)
  • David McNab is attempting to the fastest marathon in a rhino costume (male), with the current record set by Rhino Boy Chris Green in 04:06:35

This year’s crash of 62 has a mixture of veteran marathoners and newcomers, with two of our runners having completed more than 100 marathons, two aiming to cross the London finish line to complete their six-star world majors, and ten taking on their first ever marathon this weekend!

As we know, not all heroes wear capes, some wear rhino costumes! Eight members of our team will be taking on the marathon challenge in rhino costume, and we have one incredible athlete, Martin Turner, taking on the 26.2 mile course in our new wheelchair rhino costume (the first of its kind!). Sunday 21 April will also be a special day for one of our longest-standing members of the crash, as our Ambassador Rhino Boy Chris aims to complete 100 marathons in rhino costume. Find out more about our costumes here.

Of course, whilst marathon day is a huge milestone (and a well-earned victory lap for members of our team), the reason they are all running is to support the incredible, yet endangered, animals that we all love. Since signing up for the 2024 London Marathon they have held bucket collections, crafted jewellery, organised bake sales, held raffles, hosted pub quizzes and shared their stories on social media to highlight the important cause of rhino conservation. Between them, so far, they have raised more £100,000 through their fundraising pages! This brilliant total is testament to their dedication and support from friends, families, colleagues and more. Thank you all so much.

Before the big day itself, there’s just one more thing to say: good luck!

To donate towards the incredible efforts of our 2024 London Marathon team, please go to the team’s JustGiving page.

If you would like to be a part of the rhino marathon buzz, download a customisable placard and cheer on the rhinos in London or by watching on TV or online! 

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