Promote your fundraising

Set up an online fundraising page

Setting up an online fundraising page is the quickest and easiest way to raise money. We recommend setting up your page as soon as possible. Our preferred platform is JustGiving. You can easily share it with your friends, family and colleagues on social media and email.

Use social media

You can use social media to promote your fundraising event. There are several platforms that you could use: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to name a few. Keep friends and family invested in your fundraising journey by keeping them up to date with your progress. If your friends and family like and share your posts amongst their friends, and so on, it will help your posts reach lots more people. You are doing something incredible and it’s worth telling everyone about it!

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Top tips for promoting on social media

  • Make a big announcement and let everybody know what you are doing. Use a photo, video, blog post or message to share details about your fundraising and how people can support you. The more attention-grabbing the better!
  • Let people know why you’re fundraising for Save the Rhino. By sharing your reasons for fundraising and the difference their donation makes, the more chance you have of inspiring their empathy – and their generosity! See the difference your fundraising makes
  • Target your most generous supporters first, as people tend to donate amounts based on what others have already given
  • Add a link to your online fundraising page to your email signature if you use one, and include a sentence about your fundraising
  • Post regular updates. The more you keep everyone up to date with your progress, the more likely they are to sponsor you. A post a week is a good place to start! People are normally very willing to donate, but can be forgetful. Usually, you will need to send more than one reminder before they commit, so don’t be afraid to remind them.
  • After the event, follow up with your achievement. This is a nice touch, as your enthusiasm will show in your correspondence. Around 20% of online donations come in after people finish their event, so ask again straight afterwards.
  • Make it interesting by posting photos, videos, blog posts or messages. Share how you are feeling about your event preparation, challenge training, and about the whole experience. Photos are great for sharing your progress with everybody – providing an interesting insight into your own personal journey. Share pictures of your preparation, training or key milestones as you reach them. Videos are an effective way to engage an audience. Watching a video message is more entertaining and likely to inspire people to get involved or sponsor you. Try to make your videos personal by sharing how you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing and your reasons for fundraising. Videos are great at reaching a wider audience beyond your own network of people. Sharing your own blogs and written content is a creative way to promote your fundraising. Use your blog to show your personality, share thoughts and opinions and provide information about the cause. Nothing hits home more than a good story that people can relate to. There are a huge variety of blogging platforms to choose from including; WordPress and Tumblr
  • Always feature a link to your online fundraising page in all of your posts, email signatures, blog posts or messages. Make it clear to everybody how they can support you
  • Keep it concise on Twitter, as you are limited to just 280 characters, so it is important to make your tweets concise but heartfelt. Remember, a picture says a thousand words, so always try to include one
  • Pin a post to the top of your page on Facebook and Twitter. Pin your announcement post or most recent update so people can easily find your online fundraising page
  • Thank your supporters throughout your fundraising journey and when your event is over – they will appreciate the gesture!

More ways to promote

  • Write a fundraising email and send it to your email contacts. Your friends and colleagues will likely be keen to support you and follow your progress. You could also add a sentence about your fundraising and a link to your online fundraising page to your email signature.
  • Use a poster to promote your event or fundraising in your workplace, local pub, shop, school or university. Make sure to ask permission before you put it up
  • Contact your local media such as newspapers, company / community newsletters, radio stations or TV news teams to see if they’ll cover your story and spread the word about your fundraiser
  • Through word of mouth, talk about your fundraising at work, school or socialising. Your enthusiasm towards the cause and your event or fundraising will show! Ask them to also spread the word