At Save the Rhino, we believe rhinos are magnificent, in themselves and as champions of the incredible wild landscapes in which they live. And they are endangered. To thrive, both rhinos and people need a world that is healthy, diverse, and resilient.

Our goal is to connect people striving to conserve rhinos and their habitats with people who want to support that vital work, and we contribute our own knowledge and skills to the conservation effort.

Every day we work with a wonderful community of passionate friends, partners, and supporters, to ensure that all five species of rhinos thrive in the wild.




Our aim for our social media channels is to create an inspiring, supportive, fun community that believes in and wants to help achieve our vision. We ask every member of the Save the Rhino community to be always respectful of the content on our pages, and towards each other.

To ensure that our social media platforms remain safe, informative and supportive spaces, we have set out our Community Guidelines below. We ask that all users heed the following: 

What is acceptable on our pages

We ask that every person shows respect for our team and other members of our social media communities. We encourage and welcome your comments and feedback, provided that they are shared respectfully and are not inappropriate, off-topic, abusive, or harassing.  

How to engage with our content: 
  • Ask questions
  • Help others. Answer questions posted by other members
  • Share your rhino images and content
  • Engage with fellow passionate rhino conservationists
  • Have respectful conversations — everyone should feel welcome and able to share their love for rhinos
  • Understand that every member of this community may have a different understanding and opinion surrounding issues within rhino conservation
  • Discuss sensitive topics with nuance and kindness
What is not acceptable on our pages
  1. Hate speech — Hate speech of any form is strictly prohibited. We do not condone any content in any form, such as comments, imagery, use of emoji, direct messages (DMs) and more, that promotes, advocates, or condones racism, sexism, bigotry, hatred, or violence towards individuals or groups based on factors such as (but not limited to): race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity
  2.  Fraud — We do not tolerate fraudulent behaviours. Any attempt to make a profit illegally by tricking other members of our community will be removed
  3. Disrespectful manners — We do not accept or welcome impolite or offensive behaviours, including the use of explicit/vulgar language, images, and/or messages to anyone within our community
  4. Selling products or services — The only advertisements for products on our pages will be posted by Save the Rhino – any other posts promoting products or services will be removed
What to expect when rules are violated

By participating in this community, you are agreeing to abide by these Community Guidelines . The definitions of various subjective terms such as “inappropriate” will be decided at the sole discretion of Save the Rhino.

The Save the Rhino communications team actively monitors our pages for any violations of the rules and acts accordingly. If it is determined that someone is behaving inappropriately, Save the Rhino reserves the right to take any action it deems suitable, up to and including removing content and/or individuals from the page.

On Facebook and Instagram, we use filters to automatically hide obscenities and will use our own discretion to hide comments that go against these guidelines. Your comment may still be visible to you, but won’t be visible to others using the site. On rare occasions, we may block users from the page if the nature of their comments does not change, but we will always warn the user concerned of this and highlight our commenting guidelines before doing so. The general community guidelines for any social media site should also be considered when using a site.

Acknowledgement and terms of use

If you post to any of our social media channels or otherwise respond or comment on one of our posts, you are agreeing to abide by these Community Guidelines. Please bear in mind that the comments and responses that you read on our channels that are not posted by Save the Rhino come from members of the public. Therefore, the content of these comments (including opinions and statements) posted on our channels do not necessarily reflect the views of Save the Rhino and are the responsibility of the individuals posting them.

We do our best to respond to and remove any comments that violate our Community Guidelines; unfortunately, as we are a charity and our resources are limited, this may take time. If you see any content that you would like to be reviewed by our team, please share it with us via Direct Message on the platform, and/or by emailing us with information about the content, to

By posting on one or more of our social media channels, you understand that your posts may be used freely by Save the Rhino in any media, including on this forum, on our other websites and social media pages. Accordingly, please do not submit any ideas or materials that you wish to keep confidential or for which you expect to receive compensation. In addition, when you post on any of our social media channels, your name, likeness, and social media handle will be visible to other community members.

All our channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok) are moderated Monday-Friday, with some hours supported during weekends and bank holidays. If you have questions, need support or guidance, we always aim to respond. If you see something that doesn’t seem right, or that makes you feel uncomfortable, please make us aware as soon as possible.