Field reports

We get regular stories from the Rhino Protection Units which we publish in our bi-annual magazine the Horn. This section contains some of best articles and stories we have received

DNA collection training: collecting faecal samples

All in a Day's Work

Spring 2014

Javan rhinos love taking selfies!

Javan rhinos love taking selfies!

Autumn 2013

Credit IRF

Elusive Sumatran rhinos!

Autumn 2014

Sectionov 1A tricky river crossing

Spring 2013

One of the rhinos at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Way Kambas National Park, Indonesia

Species in peril

Spring 2012




RPU Community outreach activities

Constructive liaisons

Spring 2011

Indonesia RPU patrol

Rhino Protection Units

Spring 2011

RPU community conservation programme

Why chocolate is good for conservation

Autumn 2010

RPU staff using water filters

Water filters enhance rhino protection

Autumn 2009

Critically endangered Sumatran rhino

Sumatran rhino numbers revised downwards

Spring 2009

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