Indian Rhino Vision 2020



IRV 2020 is a partnership between the Assam Forest Department, the Bodoland Territorial Council, WWF, IRF, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Its goal is to have a wild population of at least 3,000 Greater one-horned rhinos in the Indian state of Assam – spread over seven protected areas – by the year 2020. IRV 2020 is an ambitious rhino range and population expansion programme. SRI has supported the programme since 2006 through the IRF.

Programme details:

Staff: Dr Bibhab Talukdar is the project leader for the International Rhino Foundation
Project partners: Assam Forest Department, the Bodoland Territorial Council, WWF, IRF, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service
Location: Kaziranga, Orang and Manas National Parks and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam, India
Species: Greater one-horned rhinos
Habitat: Grasslands and shrub lands on the southern base of the Himalayas
Activities: Anti-poaching, monitoring, translocations and community conservation

Greater one-horned rhinos

Credit Nareih Subedi

Why support this programme

There are only approximately 3,333 Greater one-horned rhinos left in the world (as at 31 December 2012), with about 75% of those found in the Indian state of Assam. Through the concentrated efforts of the IRV2020 programme, the species is increasing in number once again, despite the continued threats of poaching and habitat loss. IRV 2020 is an exceptionally significant and inspirational programme that has captivated imaginations and support locally in Assam and nationally in India.

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Funding need

The pressure of poaching from local communities is increasing and so it is important to work closely with communities to engage the support of the local people in protecting these populations of Greater one-horned rhino. We are currently fundraising for a small grants programme; funding will be provided to local community initiatives to help build capacity and support. Your donation will make a big difference to ensuring the security of these rhinos.

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Comments from the programme

“IRV 2020 is a collaborative programme with the vision to secure the future of rhinos in Assam by increasing the population in situ by spreading rhinos in key grassland habitats within Assam. This programme has provided a launching pad to enhance the capacity of local conservationists in terms of rhino capture, translocation and post-release monitoring, using scientific tools to know more about the behaviour of the translocated rhinos in release sites.”

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