SRI’s involvement

Funding need

The overall budget throughout a 17,500km² area (about ¾ the size of Wales) is over €1 million, half of which is covered by the Zambia Wildlife Authority.  Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) with others, including USFWS, support as much of the shortfall as possible but we are still in need of donations. Your donations will make a valuable contribution to the development of this programme.

SRI has fundraised for the North Luangwa’s Conservation Programme since 2005-6; initially through an EAZA Rhino Campaign.  SRI now fundraises more specifically for Lolesha Luangwa but has also made grants for the purchase of a new rhino monitoring vehicle, the repositioning of a section of the rhino sanctuary fence, for emergency vet care, and for exchange visits with rhino monitors from the Lowveld Rhino Trust.

SRI’s Director Cathy Dean and Deputy Director Susie Offord have both visited NLCP to see the project.

Other funders

SRI has solicited financial support from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Martin Wills Fund, the Mackintosh Foundation, the Simon Gibson Charitable Trust and the Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund for the NLCP.