Field reports

We get regular stories from the Lolesha Luangwa programme which we publish in our bi-annual magazine the Horn. This section contains some of best articles and stories we have received.








Lolesha Luangwa's education centre is fully open for business

Autumn 2016

Credit North Luangwa Conservation Programme






Life as a teacher and Lolesha Luangwa mentor

Autumn 2015



Credit: NLCP







Rhinos in the classroom: can education change how people feel?

Spring 2014

Credit NLCP







Inspiring the next generation

Autumn 2014



Baby black rhino






How many rhinos can you fit in a classroom?

Autumn 2012


On the left, Sylvester Kampamba, Conservation Education Officer for the North Luangwa Conservation Programme; on the right, Sammy Njoroge, Environmental Education and Literacy Programme Manager for the Laikipia Wildlife Forum. In the background, the old LWF bus



Educating each other

Autumn 2011



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