Field reports

We get regular stories from the Namibia Ministry of Environment and Tourism which we publish in our bi-annual magazine the Horn. This section contains some of best articles and stories we have received.


Credit: Robin Radcliffe

Hanging rhinos in Namibia

Autumn 2015




Credit MET

Training on the Frontline & the Custodianship Programme

Autumn 2014


Credit MET

Black Rhino, Charcoal and Satellites

Autumn 2013

Waterberg 1

A field day in Waterberg Plateau Park

Spring 2013



Credit: Save the Rhino International

Team Tagging in Etosha National Park

April 2011

Credit: Vincent Guillemin

How to suspend a rhino in mid-air

Autumn 2010


Credit: Ministry of Environment and TourismAerial block count of black rhinos in Etosha National Park

Spring 2010

In the foreground, the translocation team mud wrestles with a rhino; in the middle distance, the Rhino Recovery Car stands ready with drugs, ropes, water hose, generator etc

Command Centre

Autumn 2009


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