Field reports

We get regular stories from the Dambari Wildlife Trust which we publish in our bi-annual magazine the Horn. This section contains some of best articles and stories we have received.

Credit: Dambari Wildlife TrustPositive trends in the Matopos National Park

Autumn 2015








Dehorned rhinos (C) Dambari Wildlife Trust Zimbabwe





Rhinos, Rocks & Rangers

Autumn 2013

Ranger Training Course





Sharpening Skills for Rhino Monitoring

Autumn 2012






The Volunteer Connection

Autumn 2012

Ranger Training Course





Volunteer with Dambari Wildlife Trust

Spring 2012

DWT has positioned a number of camera traps throughout the rhino Intensive Protection Zone in Matopos National Park, which provide great images of the Park's rhinos during the day- and night-times






The absent rhino: Field Trip Report

June 2011

Hands-on training (literally) in the field: ZPWMA staff in Kyle National Park, together with a rhino that was dehorned to deter poachers





Capacity Building

Autumn 2010

The ear-notching process. A numbering system of notches on each ear gives the gender and number for each rhino






If you don't know what you've do you know if you've lost it?

Sprint 2010

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