Trustees, Patrons and staff

SRI has a Board of seven trustees, who are all actively involved in the charity. They meet four times a year to make decisions about funding applications and review the success of past grants, as well as to determine future direction and develop new fundraising initiatives. They review our accounts on a monthly basis. In addition, we have a group of Patrons, who act as ambassadors for SRI and who help in a variety of ways.


Henry Chaplin (Vice Chair)
Christina Franco
Jim Hearn
Tim Holmes
George Stephenson (Chair)
Dave Stirling
Alistair Weaver 
Sam Weinberg


Founder Patrons

 Douglas Adams
Michael Werikhe


Polly Adams, Benedict Allen, Clive Anderson, Louise Aspinall, Nick Baker, Simon Barnes, Suzi Bullough, Mark Carwardine, Giles Coren, Mark Coreth, Dina de Angelo, Robert Devereux, Kenneth Donaldson, Ben Hoskyns-Abrahall, Angus Innes, Fergal Keane, Tom Kenyon-Slaney, Francesco Nardelli, Martina Navratilova, Julian Ozanne, Viscount Petersham, Alex Rhind, Mark Sainsbury, Alec Seccombe, Tira Shubart, James Sunley, William Todd-Jones, Friederike von Houwald and Jack Whitehall.