Save the Rhino Vietnam


Viet Nam is one of the world’s largest markets for rhino horn.


But many people in Viet Nam don’t realise that rhinos could be extinct within just ten years – as the growing market for rhino horn in Viet Nam pushes these beautiful animals to extinction.

Many people in Viet Nam also don’t realise that the illicit horn trade funds transnational crime syndicates. Rhino horn kingpins are involved in a raft of damaging international crimes: people tracking, arms running, the drug trade and terrorism too.




But the market for rhino horn in Viet Nam isn’t a centuries-old tradition.

It’s a new craze and something we can change – before it’s too late and we have lost our wild rhino population.

Rhino numbers were relatively stable during the 90s. Then, from 2008, poaching has increased exponentially. During this time, Viet Nam’s economy has boomed and among Viet Nam’s growing wealthy elite, rhino horn has become a status symbol.

Associated with power, and wealth, rhino horn is seen as a luxury item to display at home or to be consumed a bit like a party drug when sealing business deals. 

A new generation of rhino ambassadors in Viet Nam


Pretending to be rhinos - with Arrow star Paul Blackthorne and top Vietnamese comedian Xuan Bac.

Save the Rhino Vietnam is an international campaign, jointly run by Save the Rhino International based in London, and its partner Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV), headquartered in Hanoi.  

ENV were founded as Viet Nam’s first ever wildlife conservation charity, and their work tackles all aspects of the illegal wildlife trade through various activities including education.

Save the Rhino Vietnam is our flagship awareness raising campaign aimed at young people in Viet Nam, aimed at educating a new generation of Vietnamese school children and university students to say no to the rhino horn trade, and spread the message to their friends, families and peers.

Save the Rhino International’s celebrity Rhino Ambassador, Arrow actor Paul Blackthorne touched down in Hanoi for a two-week trip. Garnering huge media attention, Paul and the team put the rhino horn trade firmly in the public agenda.

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Kick- starting with press conferences, TV interviews and high-profile meetings with politicians, business leaders, Paul and the Save the Rhino team gave talks and presentations to schools and universities, and met local environmentalists on the way.

The campaign in Viet Nam was designed by Vietnamese people for Vietnamese people.Getting local celebrities involved was key in spreading the conservation message. Top Vietnamese comedian Xuan Bac and singer Le Hong – known as one of Viet Nam’s four divas – lent their support


Meanwhile in the UK and USA…


Paul Blackthorne and Rob Prior

To support the campaign in Viet Nam, Save the Rhino’s supporters raised funds. Paul Blackthorne clubbed together with fellow celebrity Rhino Ambassador, the Arsenal and Wales footballer Aaron Ramsey, to launch a fundraising T-shirt campaign featuring an exclusive design by acclaimed artist Rob Prior.

Over 1,000 were sold raising just under £17,000 for Education for Nature-Vietnam’s education work.

A whole host of celebrities got involved to support the campaign. Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, Doctor Who’s Matt Smith and Karen Gillen, and Thor’s Chris Hemsworth - to name a few.


Actress Alex Kingston and Paul supporting the campaign This is just the beginning.

All year the #SaveTheRhinoVietnam team are visiting classrooms and colleges to educate many more young people.

Just £100 can pay for a conservation workshop, teaching young people about conservation, habitat protection and how to influence their peers to take action too.


Can you help us reach more young people in Viet Nam?