New overland truck for North Luangwa Conservation Programme

In June, Save the Rhino sent $25,000 to the North Luangwa Conservation Programme in Zambia, to buy a secondhand overland truck, which will be put into use to take selected school-groups and their teachers into North Luangwa National Park, so that they can see wildlife – and perhaps even a black rhino – for themselves. This is a key extension of the Lolesha Luangwa programme that has been running so successfully since the Zoological Society of London began mentoring the programme in July 2012. We are deeply grateful to USFWS RTCF, which provided $20,000; the remainder came from our own core funds.

The overland truck is a good-quality, second-hand vehicle, that has low mileage for it’s age. The truck has seating for 26 people and has a big locker for storing equipment. It is a very basic and strong truck that will be suited to Zambia’s challenging terrain.

The photo above, shows a vehicle similar to the overland truck purchased. The truck now needs to be delivered from Zimbabwe to Zambia, it will then be decorated with educational pictures and messages. North Luangwa’s staff then need to undergo large vehicle training. It is hoped that the vehicle will be ready to take schoolchildren on visits from January 2014.

Click here to read more about the Lolesha Luangwa Programme and click here to make a donation to support the Programme.


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