Zambia: North Luangwa Conservation Programme



North Luangwa Conservation Programme (NLCP) works to protect the wildlife and habitats of the North Luangwa National Park and surrounding areas. Black rhinos were reintroduced since 2003. 

Programme details


Ed Sayer (Chief Technical Advisor) Claire Lewis (Technical Advisor) 


North Luangwa National Park, Zambia.


Black rhino


North Luangwa National Park (NLNP) is located in the Northern Province of Zambia. The Park covers an area of 4,636 km² and is situated in the mid- to upper Luangwa Valley. The total area under the management and technical support of NLCP, in partnership with ZAWA, is ± 17,500 km².


Anti-poaching, monitoring, strategic protected area management and environmental education (Lolesha Luangwa)

Why support this programme

Zambia once held Africa's third largest black rhino population until the poaching throughout the 1970s-80s resulted in their ‘national extinction’, declared in 1998. However in 2003 an ambitious and pioneering project began to translocate black rhino back to Zambia’s North Luangwa National Park, which is perfect black rhino habitat. The NLCP works in partnership with the local wildlife authorities to protect this population as well as many other species in and around the park.

Comments from the programme

“North Luangwa National Park and the surrounding area, which NLCP supports ZAWA in protecting, is one of Africa’s last truly great wildernesses, taking its name from the longest undammed river on the continent.  From a largely unprotected area in the 1980s to Zambia’s arguably best protected National Park today, it is a huge testament to the men and women tasked with its integrity over the past nearly 30 years.  NLCP is working towards sustainability of the ecosystem for global future generations by developing an integrated business and tourism plan for the utilisation and protection of the NP and surrounding areas.  The black rhino are just one part of a whole, but without them there would be no whole.” Claire Lewis