Good luck to our 2023 London Marathon team!

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This weekend, for the 31st year, an incredible team will be taking on the iconic London Marathon, to raise money rhinos! We’d like to wish our incredible Rhino Runners the very best of luck: we cannot wait to see you at the finish line!

Our crash of 70 runners is ready to take on the 26.2 mile challenge, passing through the sights and thrills of London, and clocking up a total of 1,834 miles between them.

The team has trained through deep freezes and heatwaves, in savannahs and cities, and some have even been ready to charge since early 2020! They’ve held golf days, made and sold unique embroidered rhino clothing, organised community runs, walked through the streets of Kent and London in a rhino costume, held rhino-themed pub quizzes, and worked tirelessly to raise funds in the name of rhino conservation. Between them, they have so far raised approximately £83,700.00 – an incredible feat during very difficult economic times, showing just how much people care about the future of rhinos in our world. We’re extremely grateful to all of our runners, and to everyone that has supported them so far.

Every single one of our runners means the world to us. Here are a few mentions from this year’s team:

  • We have six runners from North Luangwa Conservation Programme, where dedicated rangers care for Zambia’s only population of black rhinos
  • Two runners, Xavier Keenan and Rhino Boy Chris Green, are attempting to break the world record for the fastest marathon time in a rhino costume (male). Chris currently holds the Guinness World Book of Records record for the fastest man in a rhino costume in a marathon, clocking in at an impressive 04:06:35!
  • There will be 12 people donning our iconic rhino costumes. The costumes, which charged through London for their 30th year last October, each weigh around 10kg. (Find out more about the story of the costumes here!)
  • We have a mixture of veteran marathoners and newcomers. Over a dozen of our runners this year are first-time marathon runners; we are honoured that they chose to save rhinos for their first event

Enjoy your victory lap, Rhino Runners! We look forward to seeing you at the finish line.

If you can, please donate to support this year’s wonderful team, and help us to support our conservation programmes in Africa and Asia. Thank you!

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