Congratulations to our London Marathon Class of 2023!

Man smiling holding medal

Wow – what a show!

Firstly, and most importantly, I would like to congratulate our 70 fantastic Rhino Runners on their victory lap on Sunday 23 April 2023. You are amazing! You all did a fantastic job of charging through the streets of London, completing over 1,800 miles between you. What an achievement. Well done!

This was the rhinos’ first London Marathon in April since 2019, and it was a brilliant day to resume the normal schedule, albeit it may have been a little soggier than many would have liked!

Despite the April showers, every single member of our marathon team took the 26.2-mile challenge in their stride. So far *drumroll please* they have raised an incredible £108,346 via JustGiving between them, all in the name of rhino conservation! This total will be a great boost to our conservation projects, allowing the five species of rhino to thrive in the wild! The final total will be announced in July; we are very excited to see the total funds raised by this excellent crash of rhinos.

While every single person did an incredible job, we thought we’d share a few honourable mentions:

  • Six runners joined us from Zambia’s North Luangwa Conservation Programme, switching their usual trail runs for the city streets. Lawrence Muyeleka was North Luangwa’s first finisher, crossing the line in 3:19:22
  • Our first male runner home was Ed Morris, who finished in 3:07:18, and was followed quickly by our first female, Danielle Wild, with a time of 3:10:32
  • Rhino Boy Chris was the first person to finish in costume, completing the marathon in 4:15:01
  • Our top fundraiser so far Pim Ruijpers. Pim has raised an amazing €7,226 (£6,398) so far. And that’s not all Pim has achieved. Two of our runners (Pim and Randy Grant) completed their sixth major marathon, receiving their six-star finisher medals!
  • Gillian Silverthorn completed her 12th marathon, finishing on The Mall in 5:52:39, and is now planning to take on the ForRangers Ultra in 2024
  • Amy Strode went out in her first costume marathon, coming home in 6:55:09, and Anthony Bonnett completed his third rhino costume marathon in 7:28:38

Again, an enormous “congratulations” and “thank you” to our Rhino Runners 2023 team. We are so proud of everything that you have achieved, and your fundraising will make a huge difference for rhino conservation.

Inspired by the London Marathon Class of 2023? Join us in April 2024 for your own charge around London. The ballot is open via London Marathon directly, and our enquiry page is open! Apply now.

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