Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture 2016

The 14th Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture was given by Professor Alice Roberts on the 'Survivors of the Ice Age'. From the Sabre tooth cat to the history of the planet hidden in the casing of fossilised beetles, Professor Robert's talk was engaging, enlightening and entertaining.

After studying medicine at Cardiff University, Alice worked as a doctor before moving into academia with a job in the anatomy department at Bristol University. She undertook research on ancient human remains, and was asked by Channel 4's Time Team to write reports on some human bones they had excavated. In 2001, she made an unexpected start on her media career when the bone reporting led to appearances on screen. She went on to present programmes and series on BBC2 including Coast, The Incredible Human Journey, Don't Die Young and The Origins of Us. Alice considers herself to be an environmentalist, and she is an occasional presenter of Costing the Earth on Radio 4. She believes that one of the most important lessons of evolutionary biology is that humans are part of Nature, not separate from it.

In 2012 Alice was appointed a Professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham, where she works alongside her continued work as an author and broadcaster.

The lecture is held annually in memory of Douglas Adams and raises money for two charities, Save the Rhino and the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). With thanks to our sponsors the London Speaker Bureau.

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