Creating a new rhino population in Loisaba Conservancy, Kenya

In January, after years of careful planning, 21 Eastern black rhinos were immobilised and translocated across Kenya to create a new black rhino population on Loisaba Conservancy.

A mix of healthy male and female rhinos from Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Nairobi National Park were selected as founders of this new population, to increase black rhino range and numbers. When rhino populations reach a certain level within a reserve, the amount of food and space available to each female limits the rate at which new calves are born and the overall recovery of the species. By removing rhinos from populations which have reached capacity to create a new one, the number of calves being born in both areas should increase.

The operation formed an important element of the National Rhino Range Expansion project, which aims to secure healthy habitats for Kenya’s black rhinos and support the national black rhino population to grow each year. Save the Rhino International are long-term supporters of rhino conservation in Kenya and are delighted to see the successful completion of this operation.

Join us as our CEO, Dr Jo Shaw, speaks to Tom Silvester, Founder and CEO of Loisaba,  Dr Dominic Maringa, Head of Conservation and Wildlife at Lewa Conservancy and Jamie Gaymer, Chair of the Association of Private Land Rhino Sanctuaries in Kenya, to find out how this translocation took place, why it was a success and what it means for future rhino range expansion efforts.

Online streaming at 6 pm BST (8 pm EAT) on 9 May 2024.

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