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Climbing Mt Snowdon, trekking in the Kalimantan Jungle, and cycling in the Himalayan foothills - just a few of the awesome challenges you can take part in to raise money for Save the Rhino.

We have teamed up with Discover Adventure, who offer a huge range of fundraising challenges that you can take part in including:

  • Trekking
  • Horse trekking
  • Cycling
  • Sailing

Visit Discover Adventure

You can filter by type of challenge if there is an activity you are particularly interested in.

There is something for everyone from all walks of life, with trips ranging from moderate difficulty, to tougher and more extreme challenges at the very hardest level. There are trips here in the UK as well as exotic destinations. Whichever challenge you choose, all are designed to challenge you to reach your potential, and give you the adventure you are looking for.

All challenges come with the option of either paying for the trip costs yourself, or choosing to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship for charity.

Save the Rhino will support you as much as possible with your fundraising. We'll send you an info pack full of facts and ideas, and a t-shirt to wear once you raise £100 or more. Our friendly Events Manager Laura is also on hand to answer any fundraising queries you have or just to chat things through.

The planet will love you too

Discover Adventure are committed to sustainable tourism practices. This means making sure that challenges aid the local economy, 'leave no trace', ensure the wellbeing of porters local crew and make sure to choose responsible ground operators. Click to read more about their sustainable tourism policy

How to sign up

You can register for all challenges through the Discover Adventure website. To take part for Save the Rhino simply pick your challenge and select Save the Rhino as your nominated charity. We would love to hear from you too if you are taking on a challenge. Please email

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