How we spend money raised

Please see our Annual Reviews (below) for information on Save the Rhino's charitable activities, fundraising and grant-making. Each year, we fully account for the money we raise and how we spend it, including which programmes benefit from the grants we give out.

For detailed monthly grants, please visit our grants section.


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Information about Save the Rhino’s staff salaries

Cathy Dean, Director, May 2014

Currently, the only requirement for UK-registered charities is to include details – within a band, not the specific amount – of the CEO’s salary in the audited accounts, and even then, only if it exceeds £60,000 per year. (The audited accounts for Save the Rhino are available to download from the Charity Commission for England and Wales’s website.)

However, a recent consultation initiated by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations recommended that, in order to address public concern over salaries of charity employees, charities raising more than £500,000 per year publish the details of its senior staff members’ salaries and explain how their work contributes to the charity’s overall objectives. This recommendation is not mandatory, but for charities to make the information available on a voluntary basis.

Save the Rhino International is happy for its staff salary structure to be transparent, and we publish details below, correct for the financial year 2014-15. Save the Rhino has seven staff, of whom six are full-time and one is part-time.

  • Director: Salary £25,000 per year plus employer’s pension contribution £8,000 per year
  • Deputy Director: Salary £33,000 per year
  • Other employees are paid between c. £18,000 (rounded to the nearest £1,000) and c. £25,000 per year (pro rata in the case of the part-time member of staff)
  • The total annual salary bill, excluding NI and PAYE, is c. £170,000

Save the Rhino’s Director’s and Deputy Director’s responsibilities cover all four of the charity’s objectives, broadly summarised as: fundraising and grant-making; facilitating information sharing between conservation practitioners; awareness raising and communications; and the efficient and effective governance of the charity.

The Director has particular responsibility for fundraising via grant applications to trusts, foundations, zoos and other grant-making organisations, which account for some 40-50% of the charity’s annual income. The Deputy Director is in charge of the day-to-day management of the team, finances and other resources, as well as demand reduction efforts in rhino-horn-user countries.