Rhinos go to the polls over Rhexit

Split image saying 'Rhexit'

Photo of a rhino costume standing next to a polling station.The rhino vote. Rhinos everywhere are making their decision. Will they stay or will they go? There have been muddied waters, clashes of horns and full-blown charges.

The twin threats of habitat loss and poaching have driven some rhinos to want to rhexit the earth, while others have hope that they can work together to thrive and rhemain. Will an agreement ever be reached on staying or leaving the earth behind for a planet elsewhere?

Minister Fatu wants change to come, “We cannot live like this any longer, translocation is our only option.”

While leader Akeno is positive for their future on earth, “Our lives are here, the grass is not greener on the other side.”


The vote could be go either way. Will they Rhexit or Rhemain? Vote now to save your species.


April fools! 

Rhinos aren’t moving away from earth, but they are seriously threatened from poaching and habitat loss, if rhinos could speak we imagine they would say that they need something to be done to protect them now. Will you join us to help save rhinos today?

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