South African poaching update

A crash of rhinos running away from the camera

2012 has been a truly tragic year for rhino poaching in South Africa. The total poaching figure has now far surpassed the total for 2012, with around 588 rhinos killed this year to date. The slaughter has worsened with the rising demand for rhino horn in Asian countries and increasing involvement of ruthless criminal syndicates.

Over the past few weeks there have been devastating killings on several game farms around South Africa. On the weekend of 17-18 November, 7 rhino carcasses were found in Finfoot Lake Reserve in the Klipkopspruit Farm in the North West of the country, with another carcass found on the following Monday bringing the total rhino loss to eight in just three days. Seven of the rhinos killed were female and included one calf who also had her horn removed.

Rhino poaching statsEight individuals have now been arrested in relation to the recent spate of killings and a number of rifles have been recovered, although no rhino horns were founds at the suspects properties. North West Premier, Thandi Modise commended the swift action that led to the arrests and said that it was indicative that police were clamping down on the criminal sydnicates and getting closer to the kingpin leaders.Modise has also called for the South African Defence Force to be sent into reserves to protect the country’s rhino.

The graph below shows the escalation in the number of rhinos poached in South Africa from 2007-2012

Rhino poaching stats

Photo credits Berry White & SRI

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  1. I wish that these poachers would consider the animals and not themselves all the time. What happens after they have sold the rhino horns and there money is spent on rubbish and they have nothing to show for killing these beautiful mammal. Do they feel any remorse. SICK SICK SICK.

  2. I firmly beleive that a poacher should be shot on site and left there as fresh food for other animals. no jail sentence or fine will deter them, too much money involved

  3. i hate the poachers that are killing our beautiful animals. i say that the sentencing for rhino poaching should be one hell of a punishment. the Taiwan poacher that was recently arrested should be given a heavy sentence to show all the other poachers that it is a huge crime to kill animals..

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