Translocation of rhinos from the UK to Mkomazi, Tanzania

Black and white image of a white rhino in Swaziland

Three black rhinos arrived safely at the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary in Tanzania, after flying from the UK’s Port Lympne Wild Animal Park.

The Aspinall Foundation arranged the re-introduction of the rhinos to aid the recovery of the Eastern black rhino populations. The rhinos have been prepared over the last few months for the move, including adding browse to their diets to help them cope with their new home in the wild.

The rhinos were officially handed over by the British High Commissioner to Tanzania, Diane Corner. During her handover speech she praised the work of Tony Fitzjohn, of the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust, and the team at Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary who will be looking after the rhinos as they settle in to their new environment. Find out more about rhino conservation at Mkomazi on our programme pages.

Prince William has also spoken out about rhino poaching after visiting the rhinos at Port Lympne to lend his support to the translocation. Click here to watch a video of Prince William visiting the rhinos and talking to BBC’s Kate Silverton about the poaching crisis and the need for education.

2 thoughts on “Translocation of rhinos from the UK to Mkomazi, Tanzania

  1. This would seem to be a well planned, well prepared project from a dedicated and hard working team. I wish them and the Rhinos every success. It is always so wonderful to hear of teams from different continents co-ordinating and working so well together towards a common goal. I also hope Prince William will continue to lend his public support and backing to help the Rhino. It could make a huge difference for public awareness.

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