Bringing change for rhinos

A black rhino in it's natural habitat in Kenya

Every December, instead of sending out Christmas gifts to customers, our partners at Microgaming provide their key contacts with the opportunity to cast winning votes for their favourite charities. They do this through the annual Gift of Giving campaign, which is part of the company’s extensive staff-led corporate social responsibility programme, Microgaming PlayItForward.

Sumatran rhinos are one of the rarest mammal species in the world

Running since 2013, Gift of Giving has seen a fantastic £180,000 donated to a number of charities. We’re delighted that – for the fourth year in a row(!) – Microgaming’s customers and contacts supported rhinos with their vote, giving £7,500 towards crucial rhino programmes, bringing the total amount donated from Microgaming since 2015 to an incredible £30,000!

The donations from Microgaming PlayItForward have and will continue to have a huge impact for rhinos. We are incredibly grateful to every person who voted for Save the Rhino again this year, giving a generous donation that enables more rhinos to be protected.

A ranger monitoring the rhino population at Borana Conservancy, Kenya

Whilst we have celebrated some brilliant successes over the past year, rhinos are still under great threat. In South Africa, more than two rhinos were killed for their horns, on average, every day of 2018. Two species of rhinos have fewer than 80 individuals left on the planet. Tackling these challenges is not easy, but with the support of generous partners like Microgaming, we can keep up our mission to protect rhinos across Africa and Asia, building a future where all five species can thrive in the wild for generations to come.

“In the past year, we have celebrated zero poaching in our priority field programmes in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia, and these funds will be crucial in keeping up our global rhino conservation efforts. Donations from previous years have helped to fund everything from good-quality shoes and backpacks to upgrading accommodation, giving wildlife rangers the best chance to stay safe and protect wildlife. Thank you Microgaming for all your commitment to rhino conservation.”

Find out more about Microgaming PlayItForward donations to Save the Rhino International:

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