Save the Rhino receives Disney Conservation Grant

Save the Rhino is honoured to be a 2013 Disney Worldwide Conservation Disney Logo Fund grant recipient. This award will support efforts of the North Luangwa Conservation Education Programme ‘’Lolesha Luangwa’’, which means ‘’Look after Luangwa’’.

The Lolesha Luangwa programme provides interactive, innovative lessons and supplementing activities to 21 local schools in the area surrounding the North Luangwa National Park, benefiting around 2,000 pupils.

The Disney Conservation Grant of US $22,500, will provide nearly one fifth of the programme’s costs during July 2013 – June 2014. The grant will help cover ongoing costs of the programme including:

  • The redevelopment of Bachelors camp, an overnight accommodation facility for school groups visiting the National Park
  • Training for Sylvester Kampamba, the Lolesha Luangwa Officer, who delivers the education programme to the local school groups
  • Fuel, maintenance and running costs of the new overland truck, which will be used to take selected school-groups and their teachers into North Luangwa National Park, so that they can see wildlife – and perhaps even a black rhino – for themselves

Disney Logo The NLCP hopes that by encouraging involvement through conservation education, the next generation of responsible, committed Zambians will work for the sustained conservation of the greater North Luangwa ecosystem.

Thank you to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund for its support for Lolesha Luangwa. Click here to read more about Disney’s commitment to conservation.

Click here to read more about the programme. Click here to make a donation to support Lolesha Luangwa.

Photo credits NLCP

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