Lolesha Luangwa launches Park visits for local schoolchildren

In August last year, we announced that Save the Rhino sent a grant of $25,000 to the North Luangwa Conservation Programme in Zambia, for the purchase of a second-hand overland truck.

We are excited to report that the truck has been fully adapted for its purpose as a conservation education school bus, and this month the first of many Park visits have taken place. The bus is now being used to take selected school groups and their teachers into North Luangwa National Park, so that they can experience the area’s wildlife and learn more about the importance of conservation. The Park visits are a key development of Lolesha Luangwa that has had key input into its strategy and delivery from the Zoological Society of London, which began mentoring the programme in July 2012. We are also incredibly grateful to the USFW RTCF for providing a grant of $20,000 towards the purchase of the bus; while the ongoing costs of Lolesha Luangwa are covered by the USFWS, Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, Frankfurt Zoological Society and Save the Rhino.

During the 3-day, 2-night visits, pupils learn about biodiversity, the importance of conservation, and the benefits of protecting their local wildlife. The pupils take part in a range of engaging activities and are presented with a certificate on completion of their visit.

The above photo gallery shows the some of the very first schoolchildren taking part in the new school bus visits to the National Park.

Photo credits, North Luangwa Conservation Programme

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