September 2015

Why is there no rhino emoji?


Ever noticed that there isn't a rhino amongst the many animal emojis on your phone?

No rhino emojiCommunications firm 16K Agency has developed a new social media campaign to raise awareness of the current rhino poaching crisis. 

The campaign titled 'There is no rhino emoji' aims to alert social media audiences to the very serious issue of the rhino poaching crisis. A short film and images demonstrate how we can't let the ''no rhino emoji'' become a reality for rhinos.

The threats facing rhinos have never been higher, with rhino poaching at record levels. Three rhinos are killed for their horns every day in South Africa alone. If rhino poaching continues to increase at current rates then rhinos could be extinct in just 11 years time. 

Thanks to Swedish based communications firm16K Agency for their pro-bono support in developing the awareness campaign

(2) Comments

  • Catherine
    12 September 2015, 13:17

    Thank you

  • Mark
    14 November 2015, 18:29

    I agree Rhinos are more than cute they are being eliminated. Still want an emoji tho.

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