Leave no rhino behind (online)

On Thursday, 24 August, at 6 pm BST, our new CEO, Dr Jo Shaw, will be in conversation with Raoul du Toit (Director) and Natasha Anderson (Monitoring Coordinator) from the Lowveld Rhino Trust (LRT) in Zimbabwe.

Lowveld Rhino Trust has been fundamental to the continued existence of the large black rhino populations in Zimbabwe – and to the overall recovery of the species. The knowledge gathered by LRT about hundreds of individual animals reveals fascinating new insights into behaviour and why their family networks, passed down over generations, are so important.

Jo will share her history with Save the Rhino and explain why Zimbabwe and its black rhinos hold such a special place in her heart.

Raoul and Natasha will talk about why we need to both “think big” by focusing on large rhino populations and prospects for recovery of the species, as well as to go above and beyond to save every individual animal – and leave no rhino behind.