Great North Run 2023

In 2023, for the very first time, Save the Rhino had places in the Great North Run, the world’s biggest half marathon. Famous for its inclusive atmosphere, unbeatable entertainment, and warm Geordie welcome, not to mention the millions raised each year for worthy causes! The magic of the Great North Run can be hard to understand, until you’ve experienced it yourself, that is!

Congratulations to our 2023 Great North Run team that completed the famous 13.1 miles course between Newcastle and South Shields! Our incredible 2023 herd did amazingly in the race and were able to raise over £4,000.00 for rhino conservation! If you’d like to join our 2024 Great North Run team, click below! Beyond bragging rights, 13.1 miles of roaring support, and the feeling of being a part of something incredibly special, there are a whole lot of rewards waiting for you at the finish line – the much-coveted finisher’s t-shirt and medal are well worth the sweat and tears along the way!

The Great North Run is a run for everyone, of all ages and abilities, whether it’s your first event or your 50th. It’s a joyful festival of running, with music blazing, crowds buzzing, legs pumping and fists bumping. There’s nothing quite like it! It doesn’t matter whether you beat your personal best, you’re guaranteed a run like no other. Of course, you’ll never forget the finish line feeling, and it be even sweeter knowing you’ve helped raise money for a rhinos with every step.

Apply to join our 2024 Great North Run team!

Apply today to join our team, please get in touch with us via our 2024 Great North Run page.

On average, runners typically raise around £500 each; this helps us to cover the costs of your place on the team, while also maximising the funds for rhino conservation. Sometimes this seems like a daunting figure to raise; however, there are endless ways of fundraising, from bake sales to corporate sponsorship and match funding, and we’re here to support you every step of the way!

Got your own place?

If you’re lucky enough to have got your own place in the ballot, we’d love for you to join the team. Let us know if you’ve been successful by emailing us at