Dinner and Charitable Auction at Apothecaries’ Hall

Thursday, 9 November 2023  – 18:00 to 23:00 

An evening of fine dining, live entertainment and socialising, including engaging talks by wildlife conservation experts from Save the Rhino International and Save the Rhino Trust Namibia. Proceeds from the charitable auction, featuring luxury holidays, contemporary art pieces and other exclusive lots, will benefit rhino conservation efforts across Africa and Asia.

Our historic venue – the grand Apothecaries’ Hall at the heart of London, dates back to the XVII Century. The place has many stories to tell: one of them being why a rhino is displayed on its coat of arms…


  • Cathy Dean, CEO, Save Rhino International and member of IUCN’s African and Asian Rhino Specialist Groups
  • Simson Uri-Khob, CEO, Save the Rhino Trust Namibia and Winner of the Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa