A Conversation with Tristan Phipps

With a life shared on screen in the reality TV show Made in Chelsea, you may think you know Tristan Phipps. Yet, his true passion is making a difference for our planet and its wildlife. Spending his earliest years in South Africa and later becoming a walking Safari Guide in Kruger National Park, Tristan has a natural connection to the wild.

In his own words:

“I was born in South Africa – I was there for two years, and then we moved back to England. From when I was old enough, we would go back every year and do walking safaris. I always wanted to work in conservation, I wanted to be a zoologist or a marine biologist. After I finished school, I went to university briefly, and then I thought, ‘No, I need to follow my dream’. I have always had a passion for South Africa and to go back and do it properly. It is fun being a tourist, but it is more fun, it’s also more intrinsically beneficial to go out and actually do something”.

At the event, Tristan was talking about travel adventures, his passion for wildlife and the plans to support conservation projects in the future.