Rhinomance this Valentines

by Josephine, Michael Hearn Intern

David Attenborough’s amazing Africa series showed another side to the incredible rhinos in the Kalahari. Relive the love story this Valentines with Save the Rhino’s cuddly rhinos and why not show your soft side by sending loved ones a cute cuddly rhino?

At night in the Kalahari, rhinos come together to have a party at the waterhole…

Party tyd! *Party time!

2013ValentineRhino1A young female finds a suitor who seems very keen on her…

Goeienaand! Good evening!

Haai vriend, jy lyk mooi! My hart praat die taal van liefde! *Hey friend, you look beautiful! My heart speaks the language of love!

2013ValentineRhino2She remains unimpressed and looks elsewhere for her love…

Los my uit asseblief! Waar is my liefde? *Leave me alone! Where is my love?


Along comes a large male, the one she’s been waiting for…

Lekker vir my wat jy! *Nice to meet you!


Yet even he turns out to be a bit of a disappointment…

What Is This? *Wat is dit?

Ek is jammer, ek het jou lief! *I’m sorry, I love you!


So to prevent his advances she pretends to be asleep…

Goeienag en soete drome! *Good night and sweet dreams!


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