57 rhino runners to charge across London!

Rhino costume at the London Marathon

The excitement is building. They’ve been training for months, running at all times of the day and night, across time zones and sometimes even snow, to get ready for that start line. Rhinos everywhere are gearing up for one of the biggest days of the year this weekend: the London Marathon!

Before the big day, we wanted to send huge amounts of good luck to every one of our 57 fantastic runners who are taking part this year. On Sunday, our rhino runners will together have completed a huge 1,493 miles, and raised more than £105,000! Of course, they are already amazing, and when Sunday comes, they’ll cross that finish line knowing that they have done something incredible. 

We at Save the Rhino love marathon day, it is a true highlight in our calendar. This year, in particular, we have some epic mentions:

  • Costume runner Paul Cuddeford will be adding more to his rhino miles, breaking the 700-mile mark (that’s more than 26 marathons in costume…wow)
  • The legendary Vicky Rees will be completing her eighth consecutive London Marathon in costume – in fact, she’s only ever run a marathon with a costume on!
  • We’ve got a few speed machines as well, with Martyn Holman, Aidan Ryan and Patrick Chilufya all aiming to run their 26.2 miles in less than 3:10 hours, while Harry Vowles will be going for a new Guinness World Record in rhino costume with a time under 5:15 hours.
  • We also have 10 runners from our conservation programmes in Zambia and Zimbabwe joining this year’s team (watch out for their Instagram take over on Friday!)

Our brilliant runners have done most of the hard work already, putting in the miles day in, day out, but also putting on events, baking and doing everything they can to raise an incredible amount of money. The funds raised from the marathon make a real difference for us at Save the Rhino, and we could not achieve as much without these runners.

From all of us, thank you and good luck! We can’t wait to see you all at the finish line for the hugs and smiles you all deserve!

Anything you can give to motivate our runners even more for the big day is a huge help. Support the Save the Rhino 2019 London Marathon team.

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