Frequently Asked Questions


Can I donate items to SRI?

We are very grateful for any items that you may want to donate to us. These may be items for our office or items we can sell in an auction to raise money. Please email

Can I choose to donate money to a specific programme?

Yes you can, you can read about all of our programmes here . When making a donation you can choose which project to restrict the money to. Alternatively if you choose to give to our general fund, we'll make sure your money is sent where the need is the most urgent - and you'll help cover the costs of running our organisation. Please see how to donate here.

Does Save the Rhino put on events?

Check out our events page here for a full list of what's coming up! 

How can I volunteer for SRI?

We are an incredibly busy office and so we rely a lot on the support of our volunteers. We would be very happy to chat to you about volunteering in our offices in central London. You can find out more about how to apply here.

We are not able to arrange volunteering for you with the rhino programmes themselves.

I am a company and I would like to talk about becoming a corporate sponsor for Save the Rhino, who should I speak to?

We would love to talk to you further to discuss how we can work together. Please first read here about how we currently work with new corporates and then contact

How can I get updates on Save the Rhino’s work?

We send out a monthly newsletter called RhiNews which will keep you updated with all the latest Rhino news, see here to sign up. We also update FacebookTwitter and Instagram with any rhino news and news from our office.

I have raised some money for rhinos. How should I send this to you?

There are many ways you can send your donations to SRI. Please see our donate section for full details.

How much money do you spend on governance costs?

We are very proud of our low governance costs. As a UK registered charity all of our accounts have to be externally audited and can be seen on the charity commission’s website. We also publish an annual review which you can find here.

I need some information for my homework/thesis/dissertation – can you help?

Each year, we receive hundreds of requests for assistance from school children and students. Unfortunately, we can't assist with specific questions, arrange interviews or answer questionnaires.

However there is information about rhinos and the discussions around how best to protect them on our website which can be found here. You can also read about the debate on complicated subjects in our thorny issues.  Alternatively if you cannot find information on our website then the Rhino Resource Centre that SRI also helps to fund is a fantastic resource for your project.   

Why does Save the Rhino spend money on fundraising?

We spend money on fundraising for the purpose of raising more money for our programmes. We try to limit this as much as we can and always aim to make £3 for every £1 that we spend. Read about how our money is spent in our annual review.

How can I learn more about discussions around rhino issues?

We have lots of information around rhino issues such as trophy hunting, legalising the horn trade, dehorning and many more in our thorny issues section.