Samar Ntalamia


Samar Ntalamia was appointed Programme Manager at the Maasailand Preservation Trust, working in the Chyulu Hills and the Amboseli eco-system in Kenya, in May 2012.

Samar says:

"My involvement with the Chyulu rhinos in an official capacity calls back from memory my childhood experiences herding cattle in the Chyulus and finding the rhinos tracks and droppings. And I still remember seeing those fresh tracks and the heart would start pounding and palms and nose would sweat. And adrenalin would put us in the flight mode just in case a physical encounter with the rhino happened. This was way back in 1987.

"Here I am today viewing the rhino not as a danger but, a friend, a resource and a heritage worth my efforts to ensure its survival. If my heart pounds, my palms and nose sweat, it will not be because of the perceived threat to myself but to the rhino's life."