Faith Riunga


Faith Riunga is Head of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy's Education porgramme, a position she has held for the past 13 years.

Faith grew up in Meru, close to Lewa. She describes her childhood as "close to ideal", surrounded by family and friends. Over the years she developed a strong desire to work with people, especially children, in areas near wildlife. 

Since joining Lewa, Faith's vision and hard work has seen the Conservancy's Education programme become one of the greatest ways in which Lewa demonstrates the benefits of conservation to communities. Today, the programme supports 30 schools, provides 430 educational bursaries to children and promotes literacy to 372 adult learners. 

Conservation is really about people and our relationship with wildlife. Through education, we want our neighbouring communities to understand that wildlife is not only our natural heritage, but also offers a chance for us to improve our lives through development.