Ruwaydah Abdul-Rahman


My role of Donor Relations Manager at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy allows me to meet, interact and showcase Lewa to a diverse number of visiting groups of people from across the globe and different walks of life.

I am able to share not only the stories of what we do, but practically enhance each one's understanding of the shared passion and dedication behind the two decades of Lewa's success. The less glamorous but equally important aspect of my work involves writing proposals, managing grants and reporting on various projects-maintaining good relations with all Lewa donors, supporters and overseas Lewa staff.  The unparalleled dedication and daily commitment by all Lewa staff is admirable and provides the daily motivation I need to raise support and awareness to protect our wildlife and further development in the communities.  

Having been born and raised in the capital city, living and working on Lewa has been nothing short of amazing. Lewa has magnificent scenery and provides diverse cultural and work experiences. The most significant attribute of my time at Lewa has been the continued understanding that each one of us plays a role in the balance of life. Being able to make a daily difference in the lives of people, the welfare of wildlife and the preservation of ecosystems is not just a job – it is a calling for most of us on Lewa. To say that I am lucky would not do justice to the privilege granted to be a part of the conservation success that is life on Lewa and its contribution to conservation.