Sustainable utilisation

Save the Rhino does not fund trophy hunting, or accept income from trophy hunts of rhinos, neither do we make decisions related to trophy hunting use. We understand that trophy hunting is a highly emotive issue, and it is a subject that we are often approached for comment on. We have produced the attached discussion article on trophy hunting, to provide more information on the subject. Click here to read more.

5 thoughts on “Sustainable utilisation

  1. Hi Save the Rhino, at the moment I’m doing a project on the conservation of rhinos and I would be so grateful if you could talk to me or send a link to a website concerning issues on Vietnam and the threats posed to the rhino. Many thanks and all the best!

  2. Re: “”sustainable utilisation””. I could not live with myself if I shot a rhino, and do not really understand how anyone could bear to do so. However, I am sufficiently well traveled to know that many people around the world, many of them much worse off than the average westerner, have a different and much more acute set of priorities than I do. If the trophy hunting of individual designated rhinos, especially those which are aging, diseased or in-viable for breeding, means that the species is valued and protected by their local human population, then for me there is no argument. Personally, I would experience no warm feeling inside if an irreplaceable species was deprived of a potential route to survival just because I want strangers in a distant country to conform to my own viewpoint. I do not want to have to explain to my grandchildren that they will never see a rhino, or an elephant, or a European bison, or a musk-ox, because I helped stop the bad people from shooting them, or from exploiting them in zoos, or from whatever it was that was so unacceptable that it was better that the species went extinct.

  3. Re ‘sustainable utlilisation’ call it what it is please, it’s trophy hunting. It’s not sustainable to kill an endangered animal, and for fun and a trophy. You fight poaching yet you support people with money killing for fun? Trophy hunting of rhino has contributed to the fact we are very likely to lose them forever, don’t attempt to justify an unethical and immoral action and fight it! You are Save the Rhino yes? Stop making excuses to keep people with money / power happy and fight for these creatures. There are other ways to raise money to save rhinos, than to allow egotistical people with no compassion to shoot them. It shouldn’t really need saying on this site.

  4. The troops sent out go during the day. The poaching is at night with the Rhinos poor eyesight they don’t stand a chance. The horn is made of keritan like a finger nail. Why can’t we tranquilized the Rhino and remove the horn. This way the whole animal, including babies, would not have to be butchered for something that is not there. Understand this would be easier and less costly than drones, since by the time drones spot a poaching going on they will be too late to save the animals or finding the poachers with a big truck coming. Or painting, or poisoning the horns…the rhinos will still be killed. Poachers don’t care about these last three suggestions. They kill the rhino, get their money and they’re gone. Please use this simple procedure to give the rhinos an even better chance of survival with little or no cost to the governments.

  5. You guys complaining are complete idiots. Nothing but emotional responses and no facts to refute this great organizations findings. Absolutely pathetic. You are part of the problem, congrats. They give you cold hard data to prove you wrong and you still deny it. Sad.

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