Political Conflict

Poaching is the main threat to rhinos’ survival (read more about poaching for Jambiya handles here or read about for poaching traditional Chinese Medicine here). Conservationists obviously try to prevent poaching from occurring, whether by mounting intensive anti-poaching patrols and maintaining high visibility, by fencing sanctuaries, or by incentivising locals to pass on intelligence.

In some locations, where normal law and order has broken down – particularly in war zones or where there is political instability – it has become much easier for the poachers to kill rhinos and other endangered species. Particular examples of places where political conflict has been matched by a rise in poaching include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and Nepal.

What is Save the Rhino doing?

Save the Rhino is one of the few organizations working to protect all five species of rhinos through a range of activities. 

Demand Reduction     

Read about the work we are doing in Consumer        countries to reduce the demand for rhino horn

Conservation activities

Read about all of the conservation activities                  we do to protect rhinos in the field

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SRT trackers monitoring rhinos with binoculars


How you can help

  • Report to the authorities if you suspect someone is selling/buying rhino horn products.  
  • Donate towards much-needed anti-poaching equipment and support 
  • Become a member of Save the Rhino and join the struggle
  • Become an ambassador for rhinos by fundraising and raising awareness with you friends, family, fellow students and work colleagues.
  • Spread the word! Share this page on your social networking site to make other people aware of the problems