Don’t blame the dog: BBC3, 9pm, 11 April

New BBC3 series ‘Don’t blame the dog’ takes two dog owners to spend a week with dogs that are used to track down rhino poachers.

Experts agree that bad dog behaviour is mainly down to bad owners and that the owners need to be fixed first. This unique series challenges young dog owners with bad attitudes to spend a week living with people who depend on dogs – some for their survival in extreme environments around the world, and others who depend on them for their jobs.

In the first episode Holly who paints her dogs nails and puts diamantes on them and a Mikki who is bite training his dog for protection leave their dogs behind and travel to South Africa to spend a week with dogs that are trained to track down rhino poachers. Rhinos are endangered and one is killed by illegal hunters every day. Finding the poachers is vital but will the Brits cope with tough new responsibilities,  and will the experience help them re-evaluate their own lives and become better pet owners?

Read more about the series on the BBC3 website

6 thoughts on “Don’t blame the dog: BBC3, 9pm, 11 April

  1. ‘Don’t blame the dog’ , loved this programme, informative, educational and a true necessity for many dog owners who just don’t understand what a dog really needs. Wonderful idea and loved the South Africa episode. We need many more series like this. Will keep watching.

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