Davmark Group shows their support for South Africa’s rhinos

Image of a white rhino family captured in sunset in Southern Africa

The Davmark Group of Companies was proud to collaborate with Save the Rhino International during the recent South African 2014 Calendar and Diary season. Both organisations are passionate about the plight of the rhino in Southern Africa and the ongoing slaughter of these majestic animals by merciless poachers is of extreme concern to us all. Save the Rhino International is an organisation which has chosen to put its support behind various rhino conservation programmes worldwide including Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve in KwaZulu Natal, a game reserve renowned for its population of both black and white rhino. The Davmark Group of Companies is a Johannesburg based printing operation which undertakes a wide range of general and specialist printing processes. In addition Davmark is one of the foremost producers within South Africa of a spectacular range of prestige, poster and speciality Calendars many of such Calendars highlighting South Africa’s amazing scenery and wildlife. As part of the Davmark / Save the Rhino partnership the Davmark 2014 Calendar Catalogue included the launch of a special “Saving the Rhino” Calendar.

Davmark also recently commenced being a fully fledged producer of a fantastic range of Corporate Diaries and Note Books with the quality of the product produced for the 2014 Diary Season comparable to International Diary standards.

The collaboration arrangement between the Davmark Group and Save the Rhino International was based on the number of unit sales of Calendars and Diaries sold for the period 1 March 2013 to 28 February 2014. We are extremely proud that this has resulted in Save the Rhino International receiving £6,670 from the Davmark Group’s donation. All of the money raised by the Davmark Group will further the aims of the charity, with 95% of the Davmark Group’s donation supporting Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park and 5% supporting Save the Rhino International’s core funds. Customers of the Davmark Group were able to proudly include the Save the Rhino International logo on Calendars or Diaries ordered as their contribution and support in preserving, for all our heritage, an animal which should be admired for its size and magnificence not for its commercial value to unscrupulous individuals.

The Davmark Group trusts that its contribution to Save the Rhino International will assist, if only in a small way, to securing the continued existence of the black and white rhino for future generations of Southern Africans.


Notes for Editors

Dave Haldane, Managing Director, Davmark Group of Companies

Josephine Gibson, Corporate Relations Manager, Save the Rhino International

About Save the Rhino International

Registered charity number: 1035072

Save the Rhino International works to conserve viable populations of critically endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia. We recognise that the future of wildlife is inextricably linked to the communities that share its habitat. By funding field projects and through education, our goal is to deliver material, long-lasting and widespread benefits to rhinos and other endangered species, ecosystems and to the people living in these areas.

Photo Credit: Denise Ackerman

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