November 2012

SRI works towards tackling the demand for rhino horn


Save the Rhino have given their first grant to an organisation focused on tackling the demand in rhino horn within Vietnam. SRI donated a $20,100 grant to Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) to support their rhino campaign within Vietnam. ENV is recognized as a leader in efforts to address the challenging issue of combating the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam.

The project that SRI are involved in contains several strands including a public awareness campaign through public service announcements, a viral internet campaign and strengthening ENV's Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU).

We will update you more when the campaign is up and running but read more about the project and ENV here for now.

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  • Anonymous commenter
    05 December 2012, 05:28

    Why has it taken so long for these kind of projects to be lauched?

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