October 2014

868 rhinos poached in South Africa this year


The latest rhino poaching figures from South Africa show that 868 rhinos have been illegally killed so far this year, with a total of 259 related arrests made (as of 14 October 2014).

The current rate of rhino poaching means that 2014 rhino poaching deaths are likely to surpass last year's loss of 1,004 rhinos. According to Stop Rhino Poaching / SAN Parks, it is projected that 1,108 rhinos will be lost by the end of the year. This is the year when South Africa’s rhino populations are sadly predicted to go into decline.

Last week we launched our 'Help a Ranger, Save a Rhino' appeal which is raising much needed funds for ranger equipment in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park. Watch our video below to see why the rangers need our support.



Photo credit: Sarah Nelson

(3) Comments

  • lilian
    16 October 2014, 19:45

    Save the beatifull rhino and stop this terrible hunting of this betifull animals.

  • Joanie
    17 October 2014, 03:42

    This barbaric killing for greed must end, please stop

  • carla
    07 November 2014, 20:15

    omg, i just can't believe!!! this need to end!!!!! they killed this amazing animal with such a brutal way, they are killing baby rhinos and mama rhinos!!! so sad!!!!! PLEASE HELPPP!!!!!!!! these killers are aggressive and without compassion !!!! that sick world!!!!

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